School Holiday Program 

The Hot Shot Program runs every weekday during each of the school holidays. This is an excellent way for all children to learn to improve and test their skills through playing the game. Children are placed in groups for their standard and age (Red, Orange, Green and Yellow ball). 

Holiday Program Format**

Focus is on 'playing the game of tennis.' 

9am—10:30am / 1pm—2:30pm Red Ball (1.5 Hour)
9am—10.30noon / 1pm—2.30pm Orange Ball (1.5 Hours)
9am—12pm / 1pm—4pm Green/Yellow Ball (3 Hours)

**Format at Glendearg Malvern TC below

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Glendearg Holiday Program Format

Holiday Program

• 9am—12pm (Red & Orange Ball)
• $40 per day
• Ages Prep & up
• Prizes

Tennis Match Play

• 1pm—4pm (Green & Yellow Ball)
• $30 per day or $65 for all 3 days
• Aimed at Competition Players
• Prizes 

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Common Questions

How much does it cost?
The cost is from $15 per session. Savings can be made depending on how many sessions purchased. Sessions can be split between family members,

What do pupils bring? 
Snack, drink bottle, sunscreen, hat. Spare racquets always available.

Are there prizes and awards? 
All participants receive a merit certificate at the end of each session and we also have trophies and prizes throughout the Match Play.

Can you explain how a Junior Holiday Clinic works? **
3 Hour Session: Green Ball Match play (Singles and Doubles) 
1.5 Hour Session: Orange Ball Match play (Singles and Doubles)
1.5 Hour Session: Red Ball Match play development. Learning to Serve, Rally and score. 

**Format at Glendearg Malvern TC may vary

Next Holiday Program

Week One: 21st—25th January 2019

Glendearg Malvern TC: 21st (afternoon only), 22nd & 24th January 2019)
8—10 Lysterville Avenue (down laneway)
Malvern, VIC, 3144
9am—12pm Holiday Program
1pm—4pm Mini AO Match Play


Caulfield Park TC
280 Balaclava Rd
Caulfield, VIC, 3161