About Cardio Tennis

When you arrive for your first Cardio Tennis workout your coach will take your details and explain how the workout will run.

You and up to 14 other people will experience a fun, high-energy workout focused on constant movement.

There will be upbeat music to motivate you, heart-rate monitors to check your fitness levels and calorie burn, and low compression balls to make striking the ball that much easier.

This is a fun, tennis-based workout like no other!

Get Fit. Get Better.

When it comes to calories, it’s simple: burn more calories than you consume and you will lose weight and feel great. In the modern time-poor world, it can be hard to keep fit, let alone find a program that is fun and energising.

In a 60-minute Cardio Tennis workout, women can burn up to 500 calories per workout and men up to 800.

If you do regular Cardio Tennis workouts, you’ll feel better and your hand-eye coordination, tennis skill and fitness level will also benefit.

Workout to the beat

Did you know, people work 33 per cent harder and their endurance improves 15 per cent if they train with music?

Whether it’s Lady Gaga, Starship, Madonna, N’Sync, or Justin Bieber, working out to loud music is the key to having fun and staying motivated in Cardio Tennis.

Cardio tracks get you moving because they always have between 120 and 150 beats per minute and each workout mix is specifically structured so intensity is built up from the start and then slowly comes down a notch for the cool-down.

And to keep things fresh, new mixes such as ‘80s or ‘90s themes are released four times a year.

Enjoy & Socialise

Are you sick of your boring exercise routine? Forget the treadmill, forget the exercise bike – live in the moment and have fun with your friends working out at Cardio Tennis.

Cardio Tennis is a great way to widen your social circle while getting your heart pumping and improving your fitness.

Join the thousands who have turned their fitness regime into a social, fun and energising workout.


When: Friday Morning    
Time: 9:15am—10:15am
Venue: Malvern Primary
Coach: Jonny Rowan

When: Friday Morning
Time: 9am — 10am
Venue: St Mary's, Eastverne
Coach: Victor Eke

When: Thursday Night (Term 4 & 1)
Time: 6:45pm — 7:45pm
Venue: Glendearg All Saints Tennis Club
Coach: Jonny Rowan

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